Street photography from Havana, Cuba (2018)

between: people caught in life

an ongoing project photographing people on the streets of NYC during my daily commute. I walk the same streets morning and evening and seek to capture the view of NYC that I see. Shots taken from the hip mid-stride allowing me to capture  subjects “in their element”.  I developed this technique to allow for me to identify and shoot scenes stealthily, thus not disturbing the moment and thus showing people caught in life – interacting with their environment or other people.


dynamic in-stride shooting
people caught in life

Tortured Fruit

While my focus is usually people, there are times when a collection of images gets stuck in my head. These are the results of when that happens.

 Portraits and Studio

Various portraits and fine art photography from the studio and elsewhere.

Because I Was There

Images from life. Sometimes I take pictures just because I am somewhere – not every shot is created, many time they are just seen. For instance, when I walk my dog, I’ll have my camera – so sometimes she is the subject.