I am a New York based photographer with a focus on portaiture – from studio and fine art to performance, street and more.


In the studio with lights or outside, a small sampling of some of portraiture.


Street photography in and around Havana. (2018)

between - street photography series

This series highlights people and characters of NYC encountered on my daily walk between Grand Central Station and 53rd and Broadway starting in 2017 through 2018.  These are shot from the hip while walking to capture subjects caught in their own worlds.  Because they are photopgraphed  mid-stride by a shooter who is dressed in traditional business attire, they are unaware.  This allows for the capture of intimate moments or otherwise shots that would not be possible of people as they interact with their environment or with each other. 


As a musician myself,  it is interesting to shoot other performers in intimate settings to large concert halls.

tortured fruit

Another project, which is quite a departure from the human form is becoming known as the “Tortured Fruit” series.  The inspiration for these are traditional old master still lifes.  This series is printed on polished aluminum.

because I was there...

Travel, long exposure, whatever – some images from here and there…

For inquiries about portraits, projects, prints, or for any questions – please contact me at [email protected].

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