Camera Tech Basics – Part 3 – Summary

Should I buy this camera?  Is this a good camera?  How many times do I hear this!

The bottom line is – a camera is just a piece of equipment.  What do you want to do with it – that is a good place to start.  Aside from price (which is not irrelevant, of course) – what are your photographic goals?  I think consumers are winning as far as how great the technology that is available in cameras today.  There are many choices of cameras that can produce stunning images in many situations.
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Camera Tech Basics – Part 2 – Lens

Which Lens Should I Get?

I am asked frequently “which lens should I get” or something along those lines. As with the sensor / mega-pixel discussion – I see a lot of people go for a top shelf camera and then skimp on the lens. Of course, it all depends on what you want to shoot, but in general, I am a big fan of good glass.

I don’t think anyone will disagree with the statement that there is no right answer about what is the right lens or lenses for a particular person.

So, what do I look for in a lens? Maybe that is a good place to start.

Camera Tech Basics – Part 1 – Sensors


I am frequently asked about cameras and if such and such is a good piece of equipment.  I invariably look at camera equipment from a very basic standpoint, but also try to take into account what the person may want to do with it, and what their skill levels are as far as using it.  I will attempt to break out the basics here on the technology of modern cameras and what the tradeoffs are (and perhaps what my preferences are.)

Most digital cameras have more in common than not – from one in a cell phone to a professional grade DSLR.  In general, they all have a lens which focuses the light on a sensor.

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Getting started, finally!

After fits and starts, I have finally put together a website for my photography.  I will be using this blog to provide information about shots as well as general information on photography.  

Please feel free to chime in anytime!