There is always more to learn

When I initially got interested in photography, the resources I had available were limited.  There was of course dad who shared his experiences, loaned me his film camera and helped build a home darkroom where I could process and print B&W film.  I also would go to the library to read books on the subject.  I even had the great experience of taking photography classes at camp with the very talented Scott Lerman.

David Warren
David Warren circa 1973 – Currently a TV and Broadway Director (B&W Print from a Tri-X negative)

My educational path took me down the road of technology where I studied Engineering and Computer Science.  There was no room for photography, so my education has been self-directed ever since.

I was fortunate to be working at IBM’s T. J. Watson Research labs in the early 90’s and was able to start playing with the Internet when you could just about count the number of websites on your fingers and toes!  Well, the good news is, the Internet seems to have taken off since then, and I think it is one of the best tools for photography education today.  Want to know why?

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