Why and how to backup your work.

I don’t care if I lose all my pictures and edits.

That is what you are effectively saying if you don’t have an effective backup plan in place.  How would you feel if you spent an hour working on a picture and it just vanished from your computer never to be found again?  What about all the work you did last week?  Last month?  What if you lost every picture of your family that you have – and those pictures were gone forever?

I have been working in technology since the early 1980s and have built and managed more computers, networks and storage plans than I can count.  I have designed and built computers – and I mean circuit board design and assembly language coding to boot the computer – not just putting together a PC.  I have built Apple clones, Windows clones and have helped develop a supercomputer at IBM’s T. J. Watson Research Labs.  Today, among other things,  I manage the IT infrastructure for a registered investment advisor – which means that the SEC, FINRA and institutional investors check on our data infrastructure to make sure their data and our data is safe.

I tell you all this just to put my views in perspective.  Everyone has a viewpoint, and so I think it is helpful to see where I am coming from.  Want to know my philosophy on protecting your work?

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