4.5 Hours in Havana


A photographer friend heard I was heading to Havana and shared info about a man she had met there.  She told stories of time with him and how Mohammed  and his mother did not have a refrigerator and gave him money to buy one.  She later saw him carrying bread and yogurt whereupon he came running to greet her pulled his wallet out to show that he still had her money for the fridge (having not spent it on the food.)

I was heading to Cuba in a few weeks for a street photography workshop with David Hobby (aka “Strobist”) and Joe Newman the trip organizer.  Our anticipated schedule had ample time to explore on our own, so when the idea of visiting Mohammed came up, I was amenable to the idea.  She sent details on where he lives as well as a letter to print out and take to him. Continue reading “4.5 Hours in Havana”

Homage to Gregory Crewsdon

If you have never seen Gregory Crewdson‘s (Gregory Crewdson) work, then you do not know what you are missing.

His images capture so much emotion and context in a single frame that you can look at the images time and time again and never tire of their composition and lighting.

After watching the documentary on Brief Encounters, I thought about his use of haze in his work.  Take a look here for a trailer.  Buy it or check it out on Netflix.  If you are into photography, it is inspiring to see the level of detail that he puts into his work.

I do not pretend to have his eye, skill or attention to detail – but I was inspired by his use of haze and wanted to play with that idea a little.


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