Business Portraits – Planning and Executing

More usual than not, when I am asked for a portrait, it is for corporate use and, again, more often than not – the end use is for web or simple marketing collateral.  These are typical straightforward head and shoulder shots with simple backgrounds that will render well in BW and look good in smaller sizes.  So this is where my head is usually at when I am asked about taking “business” shots.

A while ago, Julie, a friend who has launched her own brand consultancy business casually asked about doing a shoot sometime – to which I said sure.  Months later, I bumped into her and she mentioned a course she was teaching in Croatia and a need for some marketing and magazine article photos, but remarked that she was just going to send what she had. I have seen the photos of her and I think she has some great shots so thought nothing more of it. Continue reading “Business Portraits – Planning and Executing”

Plan Your Shots!

A good friend who owns a music production company asked if I could shoot photos of his staff for their website.  He wanted a group shot as well as photos for each person.  He had an idea in mind for the group shot and when I asked him for an example, he sent me a few shots he wanted to mimic in look and feel.  Great.


Group Shot

I asked about the other pictures and he was very non-committal and kept deferring to “whatever I thought”.  I did not push him on this, and that is the reason for this post…

Continue reading “Plan Your Shots!”